Thursday, July 17, 2008

Does it ever end

Jason was going to take the camper out to my parent's last evening so the kids could hang out in it this weekend when they stay there. Less than a mile from home, he stops at the gas station to check the tires and notices smoke from the back of the van. Of course with the camper hooked up, the back door on the van doesn't open up all the way so he's trying to see what's going on with it half open. He's grabbed Phoenix out since he's freaking out it's going to start on fire or something. Turns out the fricking wiring is fucked up. We had the van wired two years ago for the camper and the big piece (you'd have to see it as I cannot possibly explain it or recall what it's called) chomped the plastic off one of the wire and then that exposed wire touched other wires. Melting plastic on the other wires and starting to melt some plastic in the van cargo area. Great. Real fucking great.

So, now we've got to fix that. Why is it this shit always happens when you least have the money for it?

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Anonymous said...

sorry, that really does suck.