Thursday, November 7, 2013

appreciation reminder

i was having one of those mornings where nothing seemed to work out in my favor.  i felt frustrated, but not as much as i have in the past, which is a way good thing for me.  i worked to stay positive and it helped.  i had an enjoyable lunch period in which i sat in on a presentation by a speaker that talks about how being an adult and follow these dumb rules kills our fun and laughter.  what he had to say resonated with me greatly.  i headed back to work and learned that a new friend found out she has pancreatic cancer.  she's young and has dealt with a host of medical issues in her young life, and this news is just flattening.  she says she is going to fight like hell and if anyone can, it's her. 

so dear universe, thank you for the reminder to appreciate life and to not take myself to seriously, and to enjoy each stinkin' moment here on earth.  i needed it.  and if i have any pull with you whatsoever, dear universe, please go easy on A.  she is a truly wonderful human being, one that deserves good things to happen to her. 


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