Tuesday, August 13, 2013

amazing human being

i have this friend.  he's pretty darn cool.  and he does awesome things like travel across the globe to volunteer.  he does lots of other awesome things too, but this post is about his way cool awesome global citizenship.  to start with, this is what he has to say on his GoFundMe page.......

Starting this fall, I will be traveling back to Nepal to start a long-term volunteer trip.  In addition to reconnecting with Support the Children Nepal, an orphanage I spent 5 weeks with in 2011, I hope to travel through Asia and South America, volunteering most of my time to people and communities in need of help.  

100% of the funds raised through this site will be used to purchase basic necessities for those in need: clothing, hygiene products, food, medicine, etc.  All personal expenses will be paid for out of my own pocket.  

As I have with past trips, I will be blogging my travels at www.septastic.com.  

While my goal is to get 750 people to donate just $10 each, I'll accept any donation in any amount you are willing to make.  Your generosity would be greatly appreciated!  More times than not, a little goes an awfully long way in developing countries. 
in five months time, he has raised $3551 for this adventure.  how frickin' cool is that?!   i've donated and knew I had to do something else. and here is my something else:

our city has a marathon it is hosting and mile 22/23 runs right down my street, past my home.  on aug 24th, it was my intention to host a "spectator party" and invite friends & family over to join the fun & festiveness that is spectating a marathon.  (think lots of cow bell, clapping, vocal encouragement)  seth also is a fantastic athlete and i have had the pleasure of spectating ironman wi for the last two years as he participates.  so, what did my thoughts turn to as i brought together spectating, seth's IM journey, and his volunteering???  Um, let's host a breakfast and have people pay to spectate my my home.  i can do this small thing to bring some extra $ into his fund to make a difference in the lives of someone who lives a very different life than i do.  i don't have a set goal, but i hope to raise at least $100 for his adventure and know that he will put that money to good use.  i trust his judgement 100% and i can feel great about helping him (and others) in a small manner.

rock on, my friend.

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