Sunday, September 25, 2011

IMWI 2011

A close friend of mine  participated in the 2011 Ironman Wisconsin race two weeks ago.  And I was fortunate enough to be there to watch him and a few other folks, say about 2500, give their all.  What an amazing day to witness.  The perseverence, the sweat, the tears, the pride.  The day was powerful, amazing and left me awestruck to what these individuals do with their bodies.

Here are some of the highlights from the day.....

My friend gave it his all, however he ended up passing out at approximately mile 9-10 of the marathon portion and was transported by ambulance to the med tent where he spent the next 3 hours or so receiving IV fluids.  It was heartwrenching to see him process the day later that evening and then throughout the following week, but my friend is a go for IMWI 2012 as of this week!  So, we'll be back in Madison for the race next year.  His training this year was rather short for triathlete standards and he's laying a plan for training in 2012 that should have him finishing this race in 2012!

Interested in seeing what Ironman is all about?  Check out:

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