Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First Day of Big School

Ariana had her first day of "big school" today. She starts 4yo kindergarten this year. After preschool last year, she's pumped and ready to go! She didn't want me taking all sorts of photos, so I snapped these first two and then was told to knock it off. ;) (Mom, the papparazzi) I got a fun photo of her cheesy smile after school and included a photo of one of her art projects today. The big highlight was snacktime where she had chocholate milk and a cookie. They sang a song about a crocodile and a monkey, and got to play outside.

My little girl is growing up. We are so proud of her and of who she has become so far. This little girl has opened our eyes to behold new experiences with a child's view. To find delight in the clouds, the bees buzzing in the flowers, and so much more. I hope she stays true to herself as she grows up, and follows all of her dreams into the stars. To dance to music even if others cannot hear it. To sing without abandon so the angels can hear her voice. I hope she believes in herself and that she can do anything she sets her heart and mind to. And I hope she knows and remembers that she is always loved.

My baby girl is growing so fast.


Anonymous said...

One small step for Ariana...one Giant leap for Mom & Dad!

Congrats to Ana on her big day. What a big girl!

Anonymous said...

Too damn fast.

Love Dad.