Friday, June 1, 2007

W sucks

Okay, we live in very close proximity to the W store. You know what store I'm talking about, right? The big chain who has superstores all over the country, the blue store. So, since we live to darn close I sometimes go there rather than drive to another part of town for the nice red T store. I try to purchase more of my stuff at T even if I pay a bit more for it there. But sometimes it's just easier to run into W. Even if most of the employees are rude, the store is dirty, and the people who shop there are selfabsorbed they can't move their friggin' cart over.

So, two days ago after running some errands (Kohls, Sams) I ran into W to pick up diapers. That is all I really needed. So we get a cart, run through the book/magazine aisle where I pick up a magazine. I'm making my way back to the baby area and of course, Ariana announces she needs to go pee. So we schlep back to the restrooms. I get Phoenix out of the cart, and I briefly think of leaving her blanket in the cart, but I didn't. We go potty and come out. No cart. It's gone. Now I had a magazine and a candle in it. I ask the employee who was standing right there and she says, "I don't know I didn't see anyone take it." Um, okay. "Did you have items in it?" "Yes." "Oh, I don't know." So I ask if they have any carts back here so I don't have to hoof it up to the front of the store for another cart. "Nope" and gives me a dirty look like I was asking for a miracle. To which I grab Ariana's hand and loudly say, "This is another reason why I hate this fucking store!" Yes, I swore in front of my kids. But I was so pissed! Can't you see that I have two kids with me? And now I have to lug them back up to get another cart? That's great customer service. You could at least act like you care somewhat.

I got another cart, got the diapers, and got in line to check out. Somehow the line for checking out is always so long, I spend more time in line than I did in the store shopping. I was never so happy to get out of that freakin' store. And I'm pledging not to go back in for a while. I'll get my damn diapers from T, even if I have to drive 5 miles to get there.

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