Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Camping Trip #1 of 2007

Jason and I took the kids camping this last weekend. My god, did they have fun. Both my kids are waterbabies and I am so thankful they love the water. It was a fun weekend with great weather.

Friday morning Ariana wakes up and comes running into our bedroom, "Wake up! It's time to go camping!" This is how excited she is. We pulled out of the driveway around 10am and she was nonstop "Let's go" the entire time. We went for ice cream once we got upnorth and Phoenix was hilarious. I got strawberry cheesecake, Ariana got bubblegum, and Jason got black forest. Phoenix was eating Jason's ice cream, and I gave him a taste of mine. He wrinkled up his nose, and pushed it away. He only wanted daddy's ice cream. I would try to give him more and he'd shake his head no. It was too cute.

The majority of our time was spent at the beach. We snagged a beach side campsite when we booked and it's so worth it! We took some nice walks, saw lots of dragonflies, and ate some yummy camp food.

Ariana was very sad to come home, but was cheered when we told her we'd be back camping in a month.

Ah, it's fun to go camping. But it's so wonderful to come home to my own shower. ;)

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