Monday, June 18, 2007

Be a life saver

As of this moment, there are 96,836 people awaiting a organ on the donation list per the Organ & Donor site.

There is a page there on how to become an organ donor, please check it out. If you want to be an organ donor upon your death, please let your family know now. Sign your driver's license, fill out the donor card, etc.

When my grandfather passed away in 1994, he had several organs donated. I imagined his retinas went to another grandpa who couldn't see his grandkids. Another organ went to a little boy who couldn't walk and now could. Imagining this helped me through the grief process.

Our nephew was born with kidney issues, and needed a kidney transplant in his first year of life. He will be on medication the rest of his life.

There are so many lives that could be saved. Please, please consider organ donation.

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Jen said...

Amen Denise. Organ donors are so vitally important.

Jen :)