Sunday, August 3, 2008

Why Do I Bother?

I have tried to pick up items for my dearest husband in the past and it always ends up turning into a fiasco. If it's a polo shirt for work, the sleeves are wrong or it has a pocket. If it's a movie, it's not widescreen and he complains (before I can even tell him that all they had was the fullscreen version). I've actually told myself recently that I wasn't buying any more shit for him, since I apparently have no clue what he likes.

Well, he's been complaining he needs new t-shirts. And he wears his Nike tee's all the time. So, Kohls had them on sale and I picked up a few. Turns out they are all in the same color he already has and they are a size Large, which he normally wears. There has been an issue with shrinkage in the past on these shirts, so he bought an XL last time. The XL in the store looked gigantic, even if it'd shrink. So I bought the larges. Planning to ensure that they are washed carefully without hot water and high heat.

Since my intention was just to buy him some new shirts, and NOT to replace the shirts he has already, I am now returning them. God forbid he replace one of the shirts or have two in the same color. And I've told myself, AGAIN, that it's a waste of my time to shop for him for shit like this.

I know it's my own damn fault, but it makes me feel like shit when I'm trying to do something nice for him and it ends up being "wrong" or whatever. At times, I wonder why I even fucking bother.


Anonymous said...

Men, can't live with 'em, can't get the grass cut without 'em!

Aunt Becky said...



Alice said...

Sounds like my hubby. I cannot buy him ANYTHING. Nothing is ever right ... there's *always* something wrong.

Christie O. said...

too funny. my husband's the same way. i once bought him a shirt (that i still love, by the way) but the stripes were going the wrong way and he refused to wear it. i think they were diagonal, not up and down or side to side.