Monday, August 4, 2008

When it gets quiet, I get worried

The children have struck again. They were playing hide & seek with me this morning, and they were basically hanging out in the bathtub behind the curtain while I went from room to room "looking" for them. Then I was rinsing some dishes while they played in the tub, sans water. Then I noticed it was quiet. A bit too quiet for my kids. Which is when trouble is brewing.

They had my half full bottle of shampoo, Biolage which is a bit more costly than Pert, etc, and were dumping it all over the tub. Are you kidding me? Seriously kids, give me a break. They were covered in shampoo and then tried to take off through the house.

While I had them in the tub, with water, to rinse them off, which was a fruitless exercise since the shampoo made more bubbles than the gazillion bubble machine, they kept hopping in and out and splashing.

My bathroom floor is shiny and a bit slippery. The tub is full of bubbles, even after draining. And I have this shampoo smell stuck to my skin. It smells good when I use it on my hair, but it's permeating something awful at the moment.


Aunt Becky said...

Oh dude, that sucks. What a damn mess.

Anonymous said...

Why is cleaning up a cleaning product so hard? Sometimes it's worse than the dirt it was supposed to get rid of, right? Ick. I hope it didn't get all sticky.

Kristin said...

A quiet house full of kids is never a good thing.....LOL. Caden does stuff like that ALL the time. In fact, today I found him in the living room with the soap dispenser from the bathroom, squirting it onto his