Monday, August 11, 2008

Feeling A Bit of Pressure

It's all pressure I put on myself, of course. But with our Disney trip looming (next week--EEK!) and us camping this weekend, I feel pressed for time. Time for laundry, packing the kids for grandma's this weekend, us for camping (adults only trip) and then repacking for FL. Time to finish wrapping up clients I have going in the next month or so. Time for back to school stuff. Ugh. I have 1,001 things I wanted to do by next week and they are so not happening. I'm normally not this pressured or freaked out before a vacation, so it's catching me a bit off guard.

So, do you wig out before leaving on vacation? Do you pack the night before or weeks before?


Alice said...

No matter how much I prepare, I'm always a last-minute kind of gal.

My sis on the other hand ... she just went through something very similar to what you've described. But right now, she's hanging on the beaches of Florida (Destin) and lovin' it!

Anonymous said...

I live by lists. I make so many lists it's unbelieveable. I do pack the night before, because we use too many things that I couldn't pack a week before, but make a list. There have been times I've almost forgotten a razor, sunscreen, etc...but doing a final check of the list helped.

It's so tough keeping things straight with a busy family. It will all be OK. Take a second and breathe! :)

Have fun on the trips!

Aunt Becky said...

I honestly cannot remember what a vacation is.

Anonymous said...

I have to pack the night before. If I try to do it any earlier, either the kids or the hubby wreak havoc with what's been packed so I end up packing it all again anyway. Enjoy your vacations!

Robyn said...

I make a list for each person. Pack what I can a month before. Then what I needed out goes in the night before and then hubby and I pack the car up when the kids are in bed. Yeah, I'm weird!

Christie O. said...

omg i had my sister's shower the same day we were leaving for vacation. i was SWAMPED the entire week before and never got to pack. i was a frazzled mess! i like to pack days before a trip (and had planned to) but just didn't this time and it was awful! i so know how you feel with the time crunch!! (i think i had 3 lists going!) good luck!!!