Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Great googley moogley, my oldest halfing's farts are something awful. They are disgusting. And she doesn't claim them.

Which leads me to ask this question....do you fart in front of your partner, family, etc?


Anonymous said...

If you can't fart in front of friends & family, who can you fart with?

Yes, absolutely with family, but I'll at least make space or be "discreet" with friends...unless I've been drinking, and then who cares anyway? ;)

Alice said...

The closer the friend, the more "open" I am about things.

But with family - whooeeee .... stand back!

Last time when I was prego, I had the WORST gas!!! I stole the pretty spray from the bathroom and tried to blame it on male colleagues!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, but if he asks, the answer is no.

Heather said...

My disgusting husband does -- and then names them (usually after coworkers). He does. I swear.