Sunday, April 27, 2008

Inner Bitch

My inner bitch is starting to shine. It's that time of month where I wonder where this beast inside me comes from? I'm crabby, tired, and when the dear hubby breathes, severely annoyed. The PMS seems to be getting worse since I had kids. It arrives about a week before Aunt Flo makes her appearance.

This weekend, Jason and I are at odds. We both think the other is saying something they really are not, and taking offense. It's just so lovely to be married at the moment.

Just be glad you don't live with me.


Christie O. said...

too funny. we are having the same exact kind of married day.

and yep! you can still donate if you want, i'll put the button back up on the side! xo

Unknown said...

Hi Denise :)
How far along were you when you were diagnosed w/ preeclampsia? Did it start with Hypertension?

Aunt Becky said...

Mine should start within...oh a couple of days.

I feel you, sister.

Anonymous said...

Mix yourself a stiff drink when J gets home and go take a bubble bath. (don't forget to lock the door!) ;)

Amy said...

Joe and I have been having these sort of married days lately too...maybe it's just in the air (or maybe its my raging pregnancy hormones).