Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Calling Creative Minds

I need some opinions, help, assistance, whatever you'd like to call it. The Preeclampsia Awareness walk is coming up in a month and I've taken on a project that needs some help. Originally we had thought to have signage available for memorial/in honor of signs that people could "purchase" to have up at the walk. A small fundraiser within the fundraiser. The sign idea has fizzled out, well the idea that I had has since the signs I wanted are too costly for me to sponsor through my business at the moment.

SO, my other thought was to create a wall of stars. You know those metallic cardboard stars from the factory card stores? What if we had a "wall" where people could purchase a star and put it on the wall. They could write the name of honor or in memory of on the star. I know the MN walk did this the first year and people wore the stars on their shirts with pins.

Another idea was an luminary, but since the walk is in the morning, that doesn't work in the sense of "light".

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

A 5k I do here also does a huge banner, and you buy a star and put someone's name on the star, and they tape it to the banner. It gets filled, and shows how many people are affected by (in this case) cancer.

Good idea!

craftymom said...

How about using your star idea but everytime someone buys a star, you attach it to another star...then you have a "banner of stars" that can either go in the front and be carried by a few people or everyone could carry their own, put the stars on paint sticks (home depo has donated to causes in the past) and each person can buy a want and carry that in the walk....make them festive with streamers, etc...just a few thoughts. Have fun, best wishes. :)

~Denise~ said...

Thanks craftymom, I like that idea too!