Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sniff, sniff

I finished the book on Sunday. (We got home from camping about an hour ago)

Ah, I laughed and I cried. Excellent as usual.

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Anonymous said...

I liked it, didn't LOVE it though. Most of my predictions were right, but a couple were off...
I really wanted to know what Harry, Hermione, and Ron all went on to do for their professions. It had been long speculated by many, and even quesioned in the book a bit if Harry would ever become an Auror. I guess it's up to our imaginations, but I wish JKR would have said Harry went on to be the best and last professor teaching Defense against the Dark Arts. I think that would have summed it up best (My opinion).

I still can't believe that after ALL the deadly interacions w/the 3, that neither Ron nor Hermione died. As much as I would have hated that, it would have been more climactic.

We'll talk very soon!!! :)