Monday, July 16, 2007


Okay, so as you can see below we went to see Harry Potter last night. My complaint is all the damn ads at the beginning of the movie! WTF?! They used to just have one or two ads and then the previews. Jason would grumble and I'd say something about how they can make some money with the ads, etc. Well, now I'm complaining. There was like 6 minutes of advertising last night. An ad for ALL laundry detergent, then one for Snuggle fabric softener?? Then some weird ad for a vehicle. And the military ads (Marines & Reserves). And don't forget about the ads for new television shows. Oh my, I'm so going to run out and buy all those items and watch the tv shows now!

The previews shown were pretty good, but it's starting to get a bit annoying when the movie is supposed to start at 5pm and the film doesn't begin until 15-20 minutes later. I think it's also a subliminal way to get you to eat more freakin popcorn and get more overpriced candy.

Just show me the previews and start the f'in movie!

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Sara said...

Nathan and I went to see Transformers during a matinee on Wednesday. The movie was suppose to start at 1:30p, we saw the same advertisments over and over again for 30 minutes. Now it is 2pm and the previews have not even started. Nate got annoyed, along with some other restless viewers. You know what happened? The movie was not even playing in that theater. The website was wrong, the tickets that were printed out were wrong. It was crazy, we did get 2 free passes to see another movie and were able to see the 2:20 Transformer movie. But still, it was annoying. So we saw approx. 45 minutes of ads and previews before even seeing the movie. I do recommend seeing Transformers. It was really good.