Monday, July 16, 2007


Okay, I finally saw the new Potter movie last night. And I'm just not quite sure how I feel about it. I have officially chosen to look at movies that are made from books as pure entertainment now. A bonus to the book.

There are just too many things I think that are important to the story that end up on the cutting room floor. And the changes with the HP films with directors gives each movie such a different feel. From film 1 to film 2, the scenic landscape differences alone disturb me. For Order of the Phoenix, the directorial changes are a bit disappointing. The dementors are different, the Death Eaters are clothed different now (is this because they are formed back again or due to the director I don't know), the scenes in which Sirius talks to Harry in the fire are completely different. Those are film discrepencies.

And then there is the info that is left out from the book. The movie is called HP and the Order of the Phoenix. Where was the Order in the film? It just wasn't enough for me. I wanted to see more of Grimwauld Place and of the members of the Order. The scene in which Harry and the Weasley family go to the hospital to visit Mr. Weasley and come across Lockhart and the Longbottoms was not in the movie. And I was looking so forward to it. I wanted to see the brain blog thing attack Ron in the Dept of Mysteries. And what's with the entire DA hearing the prophecy?

Did I enjoy the movie? Completely. It was a good movie. It's just not the book. I miss all the little details that make a book a book.

So, I had a wonderful evening out with my husband and got to enjoy some Harry Potter too. Now, it's just waiting until Friday at 12:01.

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