Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankful Items 3, 4, and 5

so rather than days, i am going to post my thankful items.  it just works much better with life.

thankful item #3 - i am thankful i can provide for my kids.  as a child who grew up on AFDC (old version of welfare) and didn't figure out others didn't shop at goodwill for their school clothes until about 4th grade, i am so fucking thankful i can provide new, clean clothing for my kids.  that i can purchase ALL of their school supplies, even if it may be painful to the checkbook to do so.  that my kids can attend swim lessons and other activities without worry.  that there is always a christmas or birthday gift, or something just because.

thankful item #4 - i am thankful for my tall-ass hot chocolate from Starbucks on Saturday.

thankful item #5 - i am thankful for a safe environment for myself and my family.  violence is not something my children have to witness between their parents.  while we may not always have our shit together, we always come out on top...together.