Monday, April 2, 2007


Jason and I spent a child-free weekend in the cities this past weekend. It was heaven. We could attend to ourselves and our relationship. Huge props to my parents who took the kids for the weekend.

We had a wonderful dinner with friends Friday night. It was great to see them, and wish the night could have been longer. Saturday, we shopped our hearts out at Cabela's and then some other places. We had a delicious meal at Outback, yum! And we were able to chill out and relax after dinner. No feeding the kids, no bedtime stories, no getting another drink for Ariana. We love our kids, but it was nice to get a break to recharge.

The weekend had it's moments. The best was Jason realizing Sunday morning that his debit card is missing. Ooops. Of course, the first thing he asks is, "Do you have it?" Why would I have it. So, we go through the packed luggage to sift through the pants he had on the night before. In and out the jacket pockets. Through the other bad. Hmmm...where was the last we remembered it? Outback? So we drive over and sure enough, his card is at the restaurant. Crisis averted. ;-) I have to commend Jason for keeping his cool during this escapade.

We were able to talk about things other than the kids. Actually have a long conversation without interruptions. If you have or have had children, you know how difficult that is at times. The weather was crappy with rain or drizzle on Sat, but we made the best of it.

It was a wonderful weekend.

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