Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Ending the Violence

How many women need to die before our society gets serious about violence against women, and children?

Yes, there have been advances in rights and laws, but there seems to remain this idea among communities that the woman must have done something to deserve the abuse. I find this attitude sick and repulsive. No one deserves to be hit, kicked, raped, spit on, called names, or murdered. There is a huge injustice to victims with this line of thinking. I've heard it from various people when there is a murder of a woman by her partner, "I wonder what she did wrong?" Does everyone think that way? Of course not. But if the question is thought of or asked once, that's too many times. We need to put blame where it belongs, on the perpetrator. We need to be thinking when we hear these stories, "What type of person treats another human being in such a manner?" Violence is perpetrated by the offender, not the victim. We need to support that person, not blame them.

We all know domestic abuse and sexual violence happens in our communities. It is easier to ignore it and pretend it is not happening, but it is. It is time to stop the violence.

This post is dedicated to PT.

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