Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Last night I made the comment that I wish we had video cameras in the house so others can really see what life is life with SPD and anxiety.  In particular, our family.  The boy child's engine was on high ALL NIGHT LONG, no matter what we tried for strategies.  And just when we thought he was coming down and was heading towards bed, he thought he heard a noise in his room.  This led to an hour long battle challenge of working through the "there's a monster in my room" issue. 

Screaming.  Sweating.  Rigid body.  Crying.  Hiding.  Fear.  Talking a mile a minute (although this isn't much different from other daily moments).  Back to terror.  Us looking at each other wondering what the hell set this off and how can we bring him down. 

Eventually we got him calmed down and he started off the night in his own bed.  Whew.  It was one of those anxiety moments that I wish others could witness.  It wouldn't make me feel so alone at times, especially when trying to explain it to family & friends.

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