Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our World

Perfect example of how A processes certain things with her anxiety.  She was reading the tags on a decorative pillow on her bed the other evening.  "Keep away from flame.  Keep away from face to avoid suffocation."  Things like that.  She, of course, is worried what will happen if a fire starts in the middle of the night and should the pillow stay in her bed.  I cut the other tags off to avoid this, but apparently missed this one.  So I tell her I will cut the tag off so it doesn't scratch her, trying to get her mind off the tag warnings.  Her question....."What happens if we forget the rules?"  And I had to explain and reassure her that mommy has bought lots of pillows before and has read all the rules many times.

sigh.  Some moments it just shines out of the blue.  She's been doing awesome and whammo, the anxiety flares.

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mumma boo said...

Hang in there, Denise. You're doing a great job helping her manage her anxiety. Maybe she was focusing on the pillow as a response to some other stressor she couldn't articulate, like school starting up again. You handled it very well. You're a great mom!