Monday, September 6, 2010

Learned Items

Almost two months ago, we put ourselves majorly in debt with our house. After 40 minutes, 300 signatures, and 100 initials, we were handed two sets of keys and two electric garage door openers.

Here are things I've learned since that time:

*Make sure you have a pizza delivery phone number available. You will use it, especially on those days when you are attempting to create order in your new home.

*Buy a big pack of Toilet Paper, and place next to the toilet. Toilet paper goes quickly at our place. Either that or I bought the small rolls last time.

*Check the batteries in your new smoke detectors. And buy a carbon monoxide detector. It helps for when you are paranoid about the gas fireplace in your family room.

*Take a couple different routes to work, school, or Menards. Then determine which has the shortest time and the least amount of interaction with asshole drivers.

*Make sure when you have your telephone and internet service moved to the new place, that BOTH are moved. Some ding-dong at Frontier decided our DSL could stay at the old place. Duh. It only took us a week to get that figured out.

*Mow your grass on a regular basis. If only to keep your grass-nazi neighbor happy, even if you don't give to shits or have the time to mow your lawn 3 times a week. Yes, he mows that often.

*Be prepared for random drop ins. It could be your parents, friends, or neighbors. It sucks when your new home resembles a tornado stricken area when people stop by.

*Have a toilet plunger for each toilet. Just in case. And learn just how high the water can go in the toilet when it does plug up so you know if you can insert the plunger without putting water over the edge of the bowl or if you need to turn off the water supply.

*Painting will always take longer than you plan. And Frog Tape ROCKS!

There are my top learned items over the last two months.  I'm sure there will be a ton more.


Dawn said...

LOL! The joys of homeownership. But, after it all, it's a good feeling to sit back & take in what you're able to buy for your family.

I am so glad to hear about Frog Tape! I saw it on TV & want to try it the next tiem I paint.

Hope all is well, and screw the grass nazi!

Lori said...

That made me LOL Denise! Sorry I've been so MIA! I promise to check in more regularly! Hope you guys are doing well.