Monday, May 31, 2010

Promise Walk for Preeclampsia

So, you may have noticed that lovely little box in the upper right corner of my blog?  No, well, here's the plug for it.  I will be hosting the Promise Walk for Preeclampsia again this year and, as always, am asking for your support.  I'd love it if you all could attend, but I know that's not possible.  (But how cool would that be?)  It's looking like a great deal of fun and we've got some AWEsome raffle items for those that could make it.

Here is the short version about why this is important to me:  I developed severe preeclampsia (HELLP Syndrome) with my first pregnancy and delivered just over 5 weeks early.  Our little guppy Aweighed 4lbs and spent just over two weeks in the hospital.  Fast forward 3 years and P was born at 37 weeks after I managed gestational hypertension for 5 weeks, he weighed 5lbs 6oz and came home with us.  Here is a quick highlight of our family's moments.

You read here, you know that preeclampsia changed my life.  I've shared stories of families who were not as fortunate as us and who lost loved ones.  Many of my preeclampsia sisters are fellow bloggers and there is a bond there that is different from any other.  We each know what it's like to face down that ugly preeclampsia monster.

So in honor of my babies and all the other preeclampsia babies out there, including those angel babies, please consider donating today by visiting the Promise Walk for Preeclampsia.  You can donate to our team or make a general donation.  Even $5 helps make a difference.

Love to you all,

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mumma boo said...

Thank you for walking, Denise, and for keeping the word out there. Good luck!