Sunday, May 9, 2010

More items I'd love to have

Here are a few more drooltastic items that I'd love to have....

Zero balances on our credit cards.   Oh boy, this one is getting CLOSE though!

Someday, I'll have my mini-SUV....I'm loving the Toyota Rav 4

And someday, when I get all lean and no sign of baby birthing on my body.....I'd love a side tat like this one.


Saffy said...

Happy Mother's Day Denise :) Credit cards are evil little suckers, no matter what they say - I'm going to be teaching D about low limits and not buying on impulse. At least she can learn from my mistakes :) As for the tat? Hmmm I can't imagine ever being lean enough to pull that off, but it is gorgeous :)

mumma boo said...

Good for you for the nearly zero balance! Such a sense of freedom when those suckers are finally working for you again instead of you working for them. Gorgeous tattoo - but I'd have to be under general anesthesia for the tattoo artist to get anywhere near me!