Saturday, April 3, 2010

Doctors, Surgeons, and Labs...Oh My!

We've got several things going on with both kids right now.

First up is Ari. She had some lab work yesterday to test for celiac disorder and a RAST food allergy panel. (Let me tell you, having labs drawn on a child who is anxious is sooo much fun) Her pedi wanted to make sure there isn't some allergy causing Ari's behavior issues. We've also been referred to a local center where Ari will see a behavioral pediatrician. Not sure what that entails, but we can't get in to see her until June. She will also see a doctor for neuro-psych testing to see if she has some disorder. I feel pretty strongly she has some sensory processing disorder, but we will see. I had to complete a large packet of information this week and will get scheduled for that doctor soon.

Phoenix has been a handful lately himself. Not sure if it's the weather or what, but he's been ramped up with activity. He's been sent to the office at daycare twice in the last month or so. Aye. His night terrors also seem to be occurring more often and he had one last week that had to be the worst yet. Thankfully they don't last too long before he can settle down. Biggest news on him is his belly. He's been complaining for a while that his belly hurts. We chalked it up to he ate too much, etc. However, one night he said his belly button hurt. We took a look and boy that thing was poking out like I've never seen it do before, and his pokes out a bit. We took him into the pedi and she could feel the whole where the hernia is yet. He's had it since birth, but with it hurting him we were referred to the surgeon. We got to see the surgeon on Thursday and Phoenix will be having surgery to fix it this coming Friday.

I feel strongly that a drink a day will help me get through life right now. ;-) At some point I think I may start rocking back and forth while my tongue hangs out and I drool excessively. No one ever tells you how hard parenting is, or at least you don't believe them when they tell you prior to having children. You go into your baby-phase dreaming and expecting the perfect pregnancy and birth, great babies who sleep through the night early, are never sick, etc. Those expectations flew out the window for me a long time ago (almost 7 years to be exact), but the tribulations of raising a child still sneak up on me.


Kelly C said...

Hey there! Love your blog!!!

When Alex was 2, he was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder. He also sufferes from anxiety. We've recently been referred to a specialist to test for Asperger's.
At 8 years old (almost 9), I'm so proud of my son for all the achievements he's made in life thus far...and will do...even while coping with these disorders.

If you ever want to talk, let me know via facebook, email, whatever. I think we might relate a lot!!!

Kelly C

Amy said...

Isn't it the truth how no one really tells you just how freaking impossible raising children is?! And then you survive an ordeal like pre-e and you feel guilty for ever complaining. Anyway, I wanted to mention to you that I'm a therapist and I work with kids who have sensory integration issues (not officially a diagnosis quite yet, but will be soon) and I'm happy to help if you have any questions or just want to talk. I can't end my comment without suggesting that you remove all food dyes from Ari's diet! I'll be thinking of you guys as you go through this. ~Amy

~Denise~ said...

Thanks ladies!!