Monday, April 26, 2010

A Costly Message

Apparently I need to slow down. (yeah right, like that will happen) I'm breathing, which is awesome, but I have this sharp pain that strikes when I breathe deeply. Last night, my breathing was so shallow I thought I was panting. It started as a stitch in my side, progressed to "Fuck, what the hell is this?" to mild "don't take a huge breath."

But it freaked me out enough to go to the walk in this morning. Cuz, what if I was really having a heart attack or something. I know it was on my right side, but seriously, what if?

After exposing my pretty ladies (aka, my boobies) to a nice male nurse (who made lovely conversation with me) while getting hooked up for an EKG, having a lab tech draw FOUR tubes of my beloved red stuff (while asking me what I do for a living--note, not trying to stereotype but she appeared to be the sort that might just date one of my offenders), and then waiting in the fucking lobby of the radiology department for 12 minutes (while wearing a hospital gown on my top) turns out my ticker is okay and there are no blood clots.

The doc thinks the area underneath the left breastie is causing me some issues with the scar tissue from my reduction. 10 years ago. And it's still bothering me? WTF. Or it could be related to stress.


Dawn said...

UGH! It's that shit that keeps reminding us we're getting older. Health issues, or little scares... It sucks, but reminds (me, at least) that I have to try to take care of the ol' body if I want to stick around for awhile.

Glad you took care to get to walk in!

mumma boo said...

Yikes! That is some scary stuff. I'm glad you took it seriously and got it checked. Some things to keep in mind if it's recurring: Is it constant or does it come in waves? If it's stress-related, could it be an upper GI ulcer? Does it get worse when you eat?

Take care and feel better soon!

lizo12 said...

:( glad you went in. Sorry you had to deal with that. Try and relax. (yeah right). Hopefully it will go away soon.