Saturday, April 3, 2010

March gratitude

I missed most of my Tuesday gratitudes in March, so I'm going to just put a bunch together....

**I am so thankful I have a job. Yes, that job is demanding at times, involves highly emotional situations, and at times feels like I babysit for an awesome fee....but I have a fantastic job that I enjoy doing, work with people I like, and get to experience new things almost daily.

**My kids imaginations. What more can be said. They have AWESOME imaginations, and I love it.

**My husband. Nuff said.

**Enjoying the last Tues of March with my hubby, we both had off and enjoyed each other's company (most of the time). He got some new clothes for work, we picked up a movie.

**Deadliest Catch. I lurve that show very much. And I have a slight crush on Edgar.

**My health. While I may not be in 100% top shape, I am overall in decent health. I'm working on some improvements, but everything functions so I can't complain.

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