Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ready for Spring

Dear Mother Nature,

We are tired of snow and cold. Please don't tease us anymore with the birds singing while the sun is shining hints of spring. It makes it that much more unbearable when the 4.5 inches drops on us like the other day or that the wind bites at all nakedness that one cannot possibly cover up when going outdoors. It's March. Time for the red to rise on the thermometer and the slushy wetness to give us something else to bitch about. Could you please check with that damn Groundhog again? I think he got it wrong.

Someone who thinks it's colder than a witch's tit ;-)


Anonymous said...

ditto that. No shit!

Dan, Amy and the kiddos said...

LOL Denise Your blog always brings a smile to my face :-) I remember coming home the end of March last year for the kids spring break...and there still being SNOW in WI! YUCK! I hope for you it goes away fast and warms up! We aren't even getting out of the 40's the past 2 days...I know that is warm for you...but not for FL!

mumma boo said...

No kidding! I've got another foot of the damn stuff outside my door thanks to this latest storm. It was 65 degrees on Friday. It is 21 today. Bah.

Melissa said...

Would you hate me if I told you I was jealous? I'm in Australia, and we're in the middle of a years-long drought. I live in Queensland, and have never in my life seen snow.

I wish our seasons were so distinct, as they are in the Northern Hemisphere. Winters are so mild here, I'd love to see snow, and real cold. (though not constantly).