Tuesday, March 31, 2009


That would sum up how I'm feeling today. Blah fucking blah.

My dad's surgery went okay and he gets the scoop tomorrow at his post-op. Cross your fingers (and whatever else you can) that the cancer is NOT in the muscle wall....that is bad.

Work is busy. Sucky busy. While I love the fact that I just never know what a day will turn out to be like at my job, there are days when I wonder just what the hell I'm doing. And what are people thinking? Could someone really be that stupid? Apparently.

Some positive big news in our family is that my BIL & SIL are finally pregger's...with TWINS!! Totally awesome and we are so excited for them. They are going to be terrific parents!

That's all for now folks. Will update tomorrow with dad news.


Robyn said...

I hope things turn out ok for your dad! I will be thinking of your family! Great news for the soon to be parents! I hope everything goes smoothly for them!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you guys, praying for Frank.
Nate & Sarah??? Congrats to them!!!