Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Step 1 in Potty Training?

Phoenix is obsessed with the toilet. He has been for months. Lately, however he wants to sit on the potty whenever one of us is doing our business. We sit him on the toilet and he then hops down, grabs some TP, wipes, and flushes. All while clothed. The dilemma for me is do I go through the ordeal of undressing him and putting his naked behind on the pot.

So, with his other fascination of taking off his diaper and pointing to his peanut, or spreading shit all around his crib....I bought him pullups. Yes, they are more expensive to buy, but it's less hassle for me. The only thing is his butt is so teeny yet the smallest size they have is a tad large on him yet. So, I have to watch the poopy diapers closely so we don't have spillage.

Monday the child sat on the big toilet about 20 times. I noticed at the end of the day he was pushing a bit. So, yesterday I put him on and he farts each time. (Can I get a hell yeah?). So, bare bottom he goes on the potty. And he farts EACH time. Of course this results in him giggling and clapping like he just did something momentous.

Today, he's doing it again. No actual action yet, but I'll take what I can get. Please tell me this is him starting to use the potty, and the end of diapers is near. What a wonderful world that would be!


Anonymous said...


Hopefully the days of expensive Pull-Ups won't last too long!

Aunt Becky said...

That's freaking awesome! Yay for potty training!

Heather said...

Wouldn't that rock?! You go, Phoenix!

Casey's trio said...

WOO-HOO for you and Phoenix. If my girls farted on the potty every time I would get me seriously excited:) I have to do the whole undress thing times 3...UGH. I have been REALLY lazy about it so far and I don't even get them on the potty every day yet. I hope you are on your way to no-mo diapers!