Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Commitment to Self

I've tried to do the healthy living crap for years. But I seem to resort back to my old habits of drinking soda daily and giving in to my endless cravings for chips and pizza. I am so disgusted with myself. Why can't I commit to living healthier? Why can't I stick with an exercise program? I see these people on tv on the weight loss shows and I think to myself, is that what I look like? Is my butt that big?

I know I've got rolls and extra flab. I don't need anyone else to tell me that. I look in the mirror and I'm sad. I feel like I'm not worthy of....well, I don't know. I lack self empathy. I beat up on myself.

I'm pledging to live better today. And since I've blogged about it, maybe my ass will stick with it. I'm on my 2nd glass of water and I'm hoping to walk this evening. I'm cutting down on the snacking and soda intake. It's time, I can't waste any more of my life. It's not that I want to lose a gabillion pounds, although that would be nice. I simply want to be healthier, live longer, and have more energy.

I think I can do it. No, I hope I can this time.


Jen said...

Ah geez, I'm right there with you Denise! I love fully leaded coka-cola. Yummy!

If I had any sage advice, I'd be using it on myself. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

You CAN do it, girl!!! I'm right there with you about choosing the tasty, fatty foods over the bland veggies like I should. I beat up on myself too, but try to remember a couple things: If you fall off the wagon at one meal, get right back on. Don't sabotage the rest of the day. Allow some goodies, but instead of the bag of Oreos (my favorite), have 2. Only 2. dammit...ONLY 2! (this is me cursing those dreaded Oreos that beckon to me)

Finally, do it not only for yourself, but so your kiddos have a Mommy who is around longer to see them grow old. We moms do more for our kids than ourselves, so that's a motivator.
(it helps me anyway.)

It's SO easy to gain weight, but horribly tough to take it off. That sucks!!! OK, I could vent for awhile, but we'll go sledding this weekend and burn some calories the fun way!!!

and P.S. You are beautiful no matter what! ;)

Aunt Becky said...

You can do it! Like you, my preference for food runs the crappy route, but I have trained myself that no matter how much I want it, nothing tastes as good as thinner feels. Period.

If you're interested, you could try Weight Watchers online. I'm doing it, and it's pretty fool proof.

Good luck and congrats on your resolution to be healthier.

Anonymous said...

So glad to meet another HELLP Survivor!

Thanks for visiting my blog and wishing me luck with the next one! :)