Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dear Presidentail Candidate,

I am sick of hearing about who said what about whom, who did what, etc. It makes me sick honestly. I don't want to hear how you think the other candidate is not the right person for the job. Tell me about YOU. I want more details than saying you are going to "change" health care, the situation in Iraq, etc. Don't just tell me you have a plan, share some of it with me. This hullabaloo of smiting each other is ridiculous. Focus on the issues and tell me why you are the best candidate.

I've visited the websites of the candidates I like. I was struck by how similar in design they were. However, the content varies. There were several key issues that are important to me that I was looking for on each website. Candidate A's information was very simple to find, Candidate B's was awful (I had to search long for it and then still wasn't happy with the info), and Candidate C's was so-so.

We've only received phone calls from one candidate so far, and it started quite a while ago. I'm not sure how we got on the list, but when I told the person I wasn't sure who I was voting for, they got a little huffy. Well, excuse me.

I don't know who I'm voting for yet. I'm leaning to one, but my mind is not made up yet. I would like more information on how this person is going to "change" our country for the better. The slogan is not enough for me.

Irritated Voter

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Anonymous said...

I hear you. I came up with the conclusion years ago that I vote for the "lesser of the evils". I don't believe much of what any politician says because it can (and often does) change as soon as they're in office.

This election will be very interesting!