Monday, May 8, 2006

35 weeks

I had a BPP this afternoon. Phoenix was being a stinker when the tech was looking for his practice breathing. She ended up waiting to see continuous breathing for 35minutes before he woke up enough to do it. She caught the first movements just as he went into a sleep cycle she guesses. Those first movements weren't continuous so she wanted to be sure she kept an eye on it for the 30 seconds they need to monitor. She got some great shots of his "gender" and some profile shots. We also have a photo of his face smooshed up against the uterus. It's the "alien-baby" money shot that most mom's have. The cord blood flow was good today. In the end, Phoenix and I scored an 8/8 for the BPP. If she wouldn't have caught the practice breathing, we most likely would have been having a baby in the next day or so. There were a few tension filled looks passed between Jason and myself.

I turned in another 24 hour urine collection, which came back good. Not enough protein showing for a preeclampsia diagnosis. When I got to the OB office, my bp was 164/92 so onto my left side I went. After 15 minutes and talking with the doctor my bp came down to 122/83. So while the bp is high, it is coming down with rest. At home it hovers around 140/90 most of the time. With the good BPP and protein levels, the OB wants to keep me pregnant yet. I go back on Thursday for a NST and see the OB. We are just taking it day by day at this point.

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