Thursday, May 4, 2006

34 weeks, 3 days

I may possibly be having this baby early next week depending on how things go. I went in for my NST yesterday and baby was not cooperating so I got sent to L&D for them to do one. My bp was up (152/94), and I have the official PIH diagnosis now. I'm showing trace - +1 on urine dips, so I get to complete another 24hr urine. I've been hovering around the 140/90's and it does come down with rest thankfully. My OB came in to see me at the office yet and discussed Thursday's BPP with us. The placenta is starting to show signs of deteriorating. Cord blood flow is starting to be affected, but of course not enough to deliver with just the doppler. I still scored an 8/8 on the BPP even with the cord concerns.

The nurse walked me over to L&D (the clinic is attached to the hospital and L&D is right next door) and they got me hooked up on monitors. My bp was still up, so on the left side I went. Baby had a few decel's with his first couple movements which concerned the nurse. Phoenix then decided to take a nap. He did wake up again and everything was great. He moved well and his heart rate went up with movements like it should.

The OB came in to see me and looked over the tape. He wants to do the 24hr urine, have a BPP on Monday, see him, labs too. And if we get something coming back funky, he's thinking delivery on Tuesday. My labs from today came back all normal, so that is reassuring. I just hate sitting here waiting to get sick. He called me his "preeclampsia queen" to the nurse, which made me laugh. Told me to keep an eye on the headaches and if anything concerns me to come in to be checked out.

So, we are here just waiting. I'm feeling awfully guilty right now about being pregnant again. I just feel like I'm letting myself and my baby down because my body is faulty.

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