Sunday, August 19, 2012


positivity is something i have been lacking for some time.  i thought i was on an upswing with it, but after a few lovely chats with various friends over the last two weeks i was reminded that negativity persists.  and so i am on a mission to post at least one positive thing in my daily life for the next 30 days.  and to keep me on it, i am pledging to donate $1 towards a organization that i do NOT support due to conflicting personal views on a personal issue.  the name of the organization i will keep to myself, but i would dread to make a donation to it.  sounds like such positive talk right?  well, it is going to provide some additional motivation.

i am struggling to remain positive throughout the day and avoid letting the little things get to me.  i am tired of whining/complaining and wish to be more gracious for the awesome things i do have in my life. i started a happiness (i just typed happenis and corrected it, not sure where that falls in my positive thoughts today)before and will pick it back up again.

today i am grateful for the following things:  a roof over my head, children who are magical and believe in magic, the internet, and seeing bright stars all weekend.

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Kelly said...

That's awesome, Denise! A good motivator too! LOL I struggle with positivity as well. I think I'm alright and then I find myself complaining about something for 20 minutes with a close friend at the end of the day. Don't get me wrong, sometimes that's healthy and good...but I know it's gotten to be too much. I admire your mission!