Monday, August 20, 2012

mental at the dental

today i am thankful and appreciative of dental insurance.  i had to have a cavity taken care of that i have been putting off for 6+ months.  it is the last tooth on the bottom right side, on the inside of the tooth.  the dentist remarked it was one of the most difficult areas to work on.  once the lower half of my face was feeling three times the normal size and nice & tingly, she set to work.  my throat was partially numb and they had to push my tongue out of the way which resulted in a sensation of my throat being closed off.  i could breathe through my nose and had to stay focused to breath in & out to not freak the heck out.  thankfully she took breaks so i could breath through my mouth and feel as if i was catching my breath.  i am glad it is over and super happy to have dental insurance to help cover the cost of this dental adventure.

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