Monday, July 2, 2012

what is it i'm really feeling?

i am at a point in my life where i attempting to feel more content, but when i do a self check-in during the day i find myself feeling discontented.  and i hate it.  so i have been trying to make peace with where my life choices have led me, accept things the way they are and change the items i can change.  i know when i feel discontented i isolate and that is probably not the best thing, but i tend to hibernate as i attempt to figure shit out.  acceptance is my life lesson this summer and something i have tended to stumble with in recent years.  i am at a moment where i am also reviewing if things are the way i'd like them to be with my life and what i can possibly do to change them.

something i have really striven to do is to take moments of time and appreciate them more.   i have tried so fucking hard to lighten up and just be crazy and live in the moment, even if that means yelling "vagina" at the top of my lungs in movie theater parking lot with great friends.  not taking things in my life for granted and loving the things i have fully is also on the to do list.  and i know the list will not be accomplished overnight.  but it's there and it's something i will endeavor to work on each day.

i'll leave you with this awesome photo i saw posted on fb the other day.... (not sure of the original poster of this photo, but whoever you are....THANK YOU)

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