Friday, July 20, 2012

through the eyes of a child

Joining a fellow blogger over at Average Moms Wear Capes with her Foto Friday.  These are all photos taken by one of my children when they snagged the point & shoot when I wasn't looking.  I always chuckle as most of their photos are blurred as they have difficulty waiting the two seconds for the photo to actually take before they are onto the next thing.  And I always love to see what they find interesting enough to photograph.


christieo said...

soooo cute!!!! i love when mine play photographer too, i gotta find some of them, they actually turn out really good (1/2 the time!) HAHAHA i love it!!Thanks for linking up!!!!

Lori said...

Too cute. I have an album where Dalton took some at Christmas when he was only about 4 years old and they are so cute being from his point of view.