Wednesday, May 9, 2012

that was hot

have you ever had a dream about a co-worker?  you know the kind i'm talking about.  not the 'hanging out shopping together' or a work related dream.  the 'holy shit, that was hot' kind of dream.  i admit i have had a dream in which a coworker kissed my neck the other year and that was quite embarrassing because he can be an odd duck.  but the dream i had last evening, wow.  that was hot.  i woke up thinking 'what the hell was that' and could not look him in the eye today without feeling like i was turning tomato red in the face.  i think it stemmed from the end of the Castle finale on monday night as that is almost how it started out.  if my dream is even half true for this guy, his partner is one luck lady.  ;)

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