Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Promise Walk time

Support me in the Promise Walk for Preeclampsia

It's Promise Walk For Preeclampsia time again.  I am coordinating the walk in my hometown again this year and hope to be an even bigger success than the years prior.   Our goals are set a bit higher this year and what is really exciting for me is the fact that we have 5 teams registered already!  And all of them have fundraising goals set, which is really awesome.  Our team is reaching for another $1000 goal again this year.  I'm hopeful we can reach it, but also know finances are even more tough for many this year.  The awareness we share is vital and priceless.

I won't go on and on as if you are a regular here, you know our story and how passionate I am about preeclampsia awareness.  If you could spare a buck or two (or ten or twenty), please consider donating to our "Gang" again this year.  I sure would appreciate it.

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