Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I just cannot seem to get my act together.  I have finally (and I think it’s final proof) come to realize that I completely and utterly suck at time management.
I am constantly running behind in the morning.   I am sure I look like a lunatic trying to get things together in the morning.  Many nights I try to get things together the night before; the kids school stuff, lunches, my bags for work.  Something that bothers me is that I am usually the only one doing this.  My husband is not really a prepare the night before kind of person.  But we so both need to be.  This morning was bad, and we knew it would be bad going on with some extracurriculars happening this morning.
My time management at work as been nil.  I could use another 40 hours this week just for that.  I’m starting to really fall behind and being gone last week 3 days out of the week did not help.  Bah.
So, I have the opportunity to take an online course on Time Management.  But it’s 4 hours long.  Where do I find 4 hours to schedule that in?  Or do I just say, screw it and do it one morning next week?

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