Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

You know it, sing it.  Yes, that song by one of the tarts out there right now.  (And yes, I will admit to owning that album-it's quite catchy to be honest).

I really try to be a positive, glass half full kind of person.  But lately, it's been so difficult to do.  And I can't pin it on any one thing.  I know work has a huge deal in it as things are quite frankly, very sucky at work.  Yes, sucky is the perfect word for it.  I have been trying to remain optimistic with the changes that have been forced, um I mean made, on myself and my lucky coworkers.  However, each day I feel more and more squashed like the disgusting bug that we are viewed the be.  I know all the horseshit of "no one can make you feel anyway you don't want to," and I try so hard to remain upbeat.  But it's such a challenge some days.  Most days right now.  And then throw in a job where you have to deal with yucky topics as if that isn't enough to sometimes make my job suck.

Halfing 1 has been off and on with her moods.  I hate having to watch what we say for fear that we set her off on some goddamn freakout.  It completely sucks.  But it's our life.  She's had some awesome moments this week, so that helps us get through the less-than-stellar ones.  Halfling 2 has been the spawn of satan lately.  (And I think I know a couple of people who would probably peg me as satan, so that statement for him qualifies)  The kid is four.  And he's pooped in his fricking pants 4 times this month.  Um, hello?  Use the toilet.  You know, the thing you've been using for almost two years?  And talk about attitude.  And stubborn.  But it all melts away when he flashes his "special" smile.  Thank the stars he's cute, or he'd probably be in more trouble.

There is the always present family drama.   Not my immediate family, but the next layer.  So and so did this, so and so didn't do that.  And several posting it on facebook, hanging it out there for the entire world to see.  Really?  I am doing my best to avoid becoming involved, but sometimes one gets drawn in or has to stand up for something that truly isn't right. 

There are a few other major disappointments that I've had over the last month and they have been difficult for me to swallow.  Let's just say fall has not been the best part of the year for me.  And because of that, this may be the only time you'll ever hear me say this......Bring on Old Man Winter!

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