Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I really love sleep.  A good sleep that consists of 8+ hours.  The only problem is that I cannot recall the most recent 8+ hour stretch I had.  Yes, we were camping last week with no kids.  However I did not sleep through a single night, whether that was from having to get up to pee or the frequent nighttime storms we had.  The key issue at home is the boy child.  Who usually gets up at least 1-2, sometimes 3, times a night.  To sleep.  With. Me.

And sometimes I am too tired to even care and he sleeps with me.  Oh my, I am doing the unforgivable aren't I?  I'm letting my child sleep in my bed with me.  It is what I have to do sometimes to simply get some sleep.  But it's getting old.

What is older is the fact that the boy child takes FOREVER to actually fall asleep when he goes to bed.  Sometimes it's over two hours we are dealing with him.  We are trying to get him back into a routine, but it's been a struggle since he's been such a shit.  He can walk over to you sitting next to the doorway, but then says his ankle hurts or his legs are broken and cannot get in bed.  This just after he crawled out and walked over.  sigh.  Not to mention the hubby and I have some differing POV's on things and handle things differently at times.  That sure helps a lot.  Not.

I'm struggling with what to do.  And I need time to get some other things done at night as well as actually catching some Zzzzz's.  Any sleep/bedtime tips to share?

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Dawn said...

when Grey went thru his spurt, we put a sleeping bag on the floor at the foot of our bed and told him it was this or his own bed. He liked it for a little while, and then we'd extend it to having him "try" to sleep in his bed first before getting to "camp out" in the sleeping bag in our room. Finally, he'd end up falling asleep in his own bed...after doing this for awhile. He's also a kicker, so I'd get horrible sleep if he did sleep near me (and he's a damn furnace!)
He did think the sleeping bag thing was cool though, and we all compromised with that option.

Otherwise, plan B: DUCK TAPE! :)