Monday, January 25, 2010

Tough Day

How do you wind down after a tough day at work?

I'm finding I'm having a very difficult time doing so. And today was one of the worst. I like my day job, but I often find myself thinking about it at home more than I want to. Things I forgot to do, things that I think of to do, things that I could or should have handled differently. Or whatever.

I have to deal with some pretty uncomfortable situations at times as a result of my work. It's not really different from when I worked as an advocate for sexual assault victims, I'm just on the other side now dealing with the perpetrators. I have dealt with most things alright. But the thing I have going on right now has seemed to affect me more than anything else has before. And I'm not sure what to make of it.

I know there are bad people out there. People who hurt others. People who don't conform to the "norms" in society and are turned on by inappropriate things. I, for obvious reasons, cannot get detailed in what I'm talking about and that sucks. I guess, just know that what I had to view today was rather unpleasant and it was the first time in my day job that I really had a slap in the face about the evils of this world. I know they are out there, but to come face to face with one is an experience unlike no other.

So, I attempted to unwind (not until 9pm mind you) with one of my favorite shows, Castle, and a good drink. It didn't clear my mind completely, but it helped a bit. These are the times when I feel like I could work out for hours to blow off the steam. I just don't want to work out at 9pm however. Thankfully I work tomorrow and then I am off the rest of the week. Time to do some fun Disney work (and some unfun accounting Disney work), cleaning of the basement, sleeping, reading, chilling to some tunes...time for me. Which I think comes at just the right time.


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine the tings you hear & see. It's one tough job, but you are doing it to hopefully make a difference in peoples lives. I suppose you just have to take one day at a time. Remember why you're doing your job, and what positive things can come of all of it.
I'm sorry it's a tough time. I think you're on the right track though, with escaping into a good show & drinky, and of course, time for you.

ryansmom said...

A tough day at work for me is students misbehaving by playing around when they should be working or an occasional argument with another student. It's nothing compared to the things that you handle. I try my best to leave work at work. I come home and give my husband and dog lots of love. Exercise helps or a brisk walk around the neighborhood with a friend clears my mind. Thank you for doing what you do.