Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Courage To Be Myself

*I got this by email a while back from a friend, I don't know where the credit goes for this, but whomever wrote it...thank you.
I have the courage to…

-Embrace my strengths-
-Get excited about life-
-Enjoy Giving and receiving love-
-Face and transform my fears-
-Ask for help and support when I need it-
-Spring free of the Superwoman Trap-
-Make my own decisions and choices-
-Befriend myself-
-Complete unfinished business-
-Realize that I have emotional and practical rights-
-Talk as nicely to myself as I do to my plants-
-Communicate lovingly with understanding as my goal-
-Give myself credit for my accomplishments-
-Love the little girl within me-
-Overcome my addiction to approval-
-Grant myself permission to play-
-Quit being a Responsibility Sponge-
-Feel all of my feelings and act on them appropriately-
-Nurture others because I want to, not because I have to-
-Insist on being paid fairly for what I do-
-Set limits and boundaries and stick by them-
-Say “yes” only when I really mean it-
-Have realistic expectations-
-Take risks and accept change-
-Grow through challenges-
-Be totally honest with myself-
-Correct erroneous beliefs and assumptions-
-Respect my vulnerabilities-
-Heal old and current wounds-
-Savor the mystery of Spirit-
-Wave good-bye to guilt-
-Plant “flower,” not “weed” thoughts in my mind-
-Treat myself with respect and teach others to do the same-
-Fill my own cup first, then nourish others from the overflow-
-Own my own excellence-
-Plan for the future, but live in the present-
-Value my intuition and wisdom-
-Know that I am lovable-
-Celebrate the differences between men and women-
-Develop healthy, supportive relationships-
-Make forgiveness a priority-
-Accept myself just as I am now-

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Amy said...

Hi Denise! Thanks for reaching out and commenting on my blog, and I am enjoying getting to know you through yours! It's especially exciting for me to read about your post-HELLP pregnancy, since we are in the early stages of considering trying. (Our son turned 2 in Dec.) I have an email I'd love to send you from a preeclampsia patient symposium I went to in October, where I learned so much more about pre-e and what it means for our future health. I can't figure out how to send you a direct message! I'm hesitant to leave my email address in a comment but will if you would like the info, and that's the only way to get it to you! Thanks for sharing your brave story of your HELLP experience and your difficulty with conceiving the second time around. I'm so happy for you that you have your health and that you have two adorable, healthy kids! :) ~Amy