Monday, January 25, 2010


I just finished reading Testimony by Anita Shreve. Excellent book, however a very heavy subject. Rape. Which, of course, I just want to read about right now. Not to mention it's the 2nd book about sexual assault I've read in the last month or so.

Testimony is told from various points of view, which was difficult for me to follow at times. I felt as if I should have a notepad to keep the characters, at least the minor ones, straight. It was very good however. And ended as a surprise as these books usually tend to do.

I'd recommend it if you are looking for something with some teeth.


Anonymous said...

I think the next book you need is Curious George, or Cat In The Hat. Something with NO reality!

(I, on the other hand, may actually pick up Testimony, though.)

Donna said...

I read that one a few months ago... definately heavy material.

You should go with something lighter next!!

Niki said...

I see you are currently reading Chelsea Handler's 2nd book. I thought it was hilarious (much funnier than her 1st). I'm thinking of getting her new one that's coming out in Feb. I think I'll need something light to read when the boys arrive.