Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Year In

Today, Jason and I have been married for 11 years. The last couple years haven't been easy, especially this last one...but we've managed to work together to overcome the obstacles life has brought us. Communication has been key for us and has been something we've always felt was necessary, along with lots of belly shaking laughter. Marriage isn't always easy, some days it is a great deal of work. There are times when I've thought, I love you but I don't like you today. And that's okay. I'm not likeable at moments either. And later on, we laugh about those moments.

This man loves me. Loves me when I'm being stubborn and obstinate. Loves me when I need it the most, on the dark days. Loves me the way that I am; ugly feet, fat rolls, and all. He sees my crazy hair in the morning after awaking and tells me I'm beautiful.

He's not exactly perfect, well neither of us are. But he's mine. And the trials of life that we've traversed together have brought us closer together and made us that much stronger.

My dear Jason....I love you.





Robyn said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you guys have lots more to come, too!

Jamie said...

Happy Anniversary!! Isn't it awesome to be able to look back and see all you have accomplished together? Hope you have a great day! Congratulations!

The Queen said...

Great post! Congrats on 11 years!! Happy Anniversary

Christie O. said...

happy anniversary! you guys are sooo cute! you're so right too, i think the same thing, i love him but some moments i realllllly don't like him. i am pretty sure he loves you BECAUSE of all those things you mentioned, by the way, and not despite them!! :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Aw, COngratulations you guys!

Love ya!

mumma boo said...

Beautiful post! Congratulations! Best wishes for many, many, many more happy years together!