Sunday, August 9, 2009

Face Block

Ariana had the opportunity to try karate this summer while at camp. She loves it. Just hates the uniform. We're working on that, it's a source of frustration on everyone's part here lately. are some photos from a class back on July 24th.

Photobucket Master Likes remarks quite often that she is one of the strongest girls in class and she gets picked quite a bit to demonstrate her push-ups.



Photobucket Look at that kick!


Photobucket Completing basic form

Photobucket Earning her second yellow stripe


mumma boo said...

She looks great! Those are skills that will stick with her forever. Way to go, Ariana!

Anonymous said...

NICE!!! Love her haircut!

If she sticks with it, you (Jason) will not have to worry about her when she starts dating! She'll be able to fend off any guy! :)

lizo12 said...

Way to go tough girl! She looks so awesome! You must be proud. The uniform thing will work out I am sure.

Lyndsey said...

Check her out! What a kick!:)