Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Ink

I've been thinking about getting a new tattoo. Something on the smaller side as it cannot be very costly. I'm at a loss as what to choose however. I'm thinking of...

*Adding a name to my butterfly
*getting the Kanji for "family" or "imagine" on the inside of my wrist
*I'd love Yoda, but that's probably too large and pricey for what I want at the moment
*A smaller Mickey head made out of three swirls
*some kind of exotic flower

However, nothing is jumping out as a must-have at the moment. I think I've got to keep scouring for ideas.


Anonymous said...

you sure you want something on the inside of your wrist? It'll be showing all the time, even when you're at work, but if that's OK with your job...

Give it some thought. If you can't decide, then it's not ready to be permanently inked on you for eternity. It'll come to you when you're fo'sho'.
p.s. I've been lightly thinking of new ink for awhile too...any suggestions? (did you see Marcy's blog w/Jessica Alba's bow tattoo on her ass crack? No thanks! ;)

Robyn said...

It will come to you, and then you'll know without a doubt that's what you want.

My next ink will be my kids' name on my other ankle. Just in some real pretty script lettering.

Tattooing is an expensive addiction..darn it!!

lizo12 said...

you could do 3 exotic flowers that form the shape of a mickey.